• Usage Guides

    You can use our resources as the main element to create SNS posts for sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., for private use or for your business.
    However, it is forbidden to mislead other people that you are the author of our images.

  • Usage Guides

    You can use our images to create your videos for Youtube, as a personal user, or for your business, even if you monetize your Youtube channel through ads.
    However, it is prohibited to post a video in which our images are used for main contents/elements, for example, an animation in which all or most of the illustrations are from our sites.

  • Usage Guides

    If you want to use our resources commercially, you must ensure that these are not the main elements of the design.

    For example, you cannot sell T-shirts, mugs, pieces of vinyl, calendars, etcetera, if these have an image from our sites as the main element of the design.
    This means that you must use your own designs or third-party designs to create the main elements of the composition and use images on our sites as backgrounds or secondary elements.
    If multiple images on our sites are used to create the design, these will all be considered main elements, as they all belong to our sites.

    Please be aware that this rule applies to both free and premium users.

  • Usage Guides

    Main element
    An image is used as the main element when the resource is used in a product (physical or digital) as it has been downloaded from our site, without any changes being applied to the design.
    It will also be considered the main element when small changes are applied to the design, like changing the color or orientation.
    If you add other elements created by yourself or by a third party, like small details or adding/changing the text, but the design from our sites is still the element with more weight in the final composition, meaning that it attracts the attention before the other parts on the design, this will still be understood as the main element.

    Secondary element
    ACworks resources are used as secondary elements when other elements, not from our sites, are added to the final composition and become more important than the resource from ACworks.
    Please be noticed that using multiple images from our sites is also considered the main element, so you need to add other designs created by yourself or from a third party.

    If you want to use a background from our sites to add other elements on top, like a message in fancy typography, please note that you must choose a background that has less weight than the text you add, like a watercolor or an abstract background.

    If you choose a background with a floral frame or an illustration and just change the text it will not be enough.

    Patterns cannot be used to create products like clothes, notebooks, or wrapping paper if these are to be used commercially, since these are considered main elements. You would need to create a new pattern, adding other elements not from our sites to the design.

  • Usage Guides

    Extra licenses are required if you would like to use the materials on our sites in your designs as main elements for commercial purposes.
    To purchase extra licenses, your account first needs to be a premium account.

    An extra license is sold for each individual material for which the Safetymark is displayed and for which the creator has set "Sell".

    Please be noticed that for any use of our material content for the purposes in which extra licenses are required without purchasing our extra licenses, a penalty of 100000 yen for each material that is in violation will be charged.

    However, if the amount of damage incurred by the Company exceeds 100000 yen, the Company shall be able to claim the excess amount to the user.

    For more details on extra licenses, including how to buy an extra license, please click here

  • Usage Guides

    Users are not authorized to use resources on our sites fully or partially to create logotypes as our images cannot be associated with trademarks, real businesses, and organizations.

    Please note that all our images have copyright, that belongs to ACworks and which we do not sell, so you cannot legally register them or use them to represent a brand. Also, any user is free to download exactly the same resource, which means that more than one person could be using the same logotype, and that is not possible since the logotypes are unique, registered images.

    You can use our logo resources as an inspiration for a design, as part of a design not associated with a logo, as an avatar for a forum or community, or as a demo for a catalog, among other usages.

    Please note that this applies to both free and premium members.

  • Usage Guides

    If you need our resources for your personal use (not for sale), it is allowed to use them as the main elements of the final design you include in your products.

    Please remember that the copyright of each item of our resources belongs to its author (clearly mentioned on our sites), so you won’t be able to register an image that includes any of our resources. You must comply with the Terms of Use of our sites. 

    Remember that you are not authorized to commercialize or deliver the original (or modified) AI/PSD/EPS file to anyone; neither may you sublicense, resell or rent any of the resources on our sites.

  • Usage Guides

    You can use the images on our sites as main elements for any products you create for your own business, as the design of your own websites or blogs. Also for other applications like your business cards, flyers, social media posts, videos, or posters to promote your company, business, or a specific event.

    To ensure that correct usage of our resources is done, please check our Terms of Use.

  • Usage Guides

    Our images can be freely used for packaging as main or secondary elements, like the label or the box package of the item, as we consider that the main element is the product itself.

    Users are not authorized to use resources on our sites for commercialized products that themselves are used for packaging such as wrapping paper, paper bags, tote bags, and more. This applies to both Free and Premium users.

    If you would like to use it in this case, Extra licenses are required. Extra licenses are only obtained when you are a premium member.

  • Usage Guides

    You are authorized to use our images for your own blog and website as the main element. This can be applied to the interface design of your site or as support for the posts and contents that you publish, as long as our original and editable images are not redistributed.
    Please remember that you are not authorized in any case to make business or deliver the original (or modified) editable AI/PSD/EPS file to anyone, sub-license, resell or rent any of our resources.

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