Automatic Renewal

Category: Subscription

All ACworks' premium plans are automatically renewed by default.
If you subscribe to a monthly premium plan, the renewal will be automatically charged one month after the first payment is made.
If you subscribe to an annual premium plan, the renewal will be automatically charged 12 months after the first payment is made.

Currently, we haven't had any automatic reminder messages before the due date yet. Therefore, if you do not want to subscribe to a premium plan any longer, you should cancel it before the due date yourself.
Keep in mind that, once you cancel a premium plan, your account will immediately return to a free account no matter how many valid days of premium membership left to the due date.

Please note that all ACworks' subscriptions cannot be renewed before the due date since this is an automated process.

In case that you buy a premium plan using a discount, this will only be applied to the first payment. The amount charged for the next payments will be the standard as per the plan you have selected.
In case of failed automatic renewal on the due date, your account will return to a free account. Please be noted that after the first failed renewal, if you don't cancel the subscription yourself, the system will automatically charge 4 more times by default. After 4 more times failing, your subscription will be canceled. 

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