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  • Subscription

    ACworks currently offers 2 Premium subscription options:

    • 1-month Premium Plan: this is the monthly subscription and it will be automatically renewed every month unless you cancel the subscription before the due date
    • 12-month Premium Plan: this is the annual subscription, which is charged in one lump sum and it will be automatically renewed every 12 months unless you cancel the subscription before the due date

    To avoid unwanted auto-renewal, please cancel the subscription before the due date. Please be noticed that right after cancellation, your account will return to Free Account immediately no matter how many valid days left until the due date.

    Benefits you will enjoy as a premium user:

    - Access to all the resources available on our websites
    - Daily download unlimited (including any type of images)
    - No attribution required
    - No ads will be shown while navigating the website
    - No waiting time for downloading
    - Download with zip multiple images
    - Unlimited searches
    - Priority support from our team

    To become a Premium user you just need to acquire one of our Premium subscriptions.

  • Payment & Billing

    ​You CANNOT get a refund if the system automatically renews your premium subscription plan since you haven't canceled it before the due date.

    In other cases in which you would like to get a refund, please contact us via our Customer Support email address info@acworks.co.jp. Please clearly mention the following information:
    - the reason why you would like to get a refund
    - your email address used for your currently premium plan
    - the last four digits of your Credit Card which has been used for any purchase at our sites

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Subscription

    All ACworks' premium plans are automatically renewed by default.
    If you subscribe to a monthly premium plan, the renewal will be automatically charged one month after the first payment is made.
    If you subscribe to an annual premium plan, the renewal will be automatically charged 12 months after the first payment is made.

    Currently, we haven't had any automatic reminder messages before the due date yet. Therefore, if you do not want to subscribe to a premium plan any longer, you should cancel it before the due date yourself.
    Keep in mind that, once you cancel a premium plan, your account will immediately return to a free account no matter how many valid days of premium membership left to the due date.

    Please note that all ACworks' subscriptions cannot be renewed before the due date since this is an automated process.

    In case that you buy a premium plan using a discount, this will only be applied to the first payment. The amount charged for the next payments will be the standard as per the plan you have selected.
    In case of failed automatic renewal on the due date, your account will return to a free account. Please be noted that after the first failed renewal, if you don't cancel the subscription yourself, the system will automatically charge 4 more times by default. After 4 more times failing, your subscription will be canceled. 

  • Subscription
    Currently, we provide users with the following services:

    Stock vectors, photos, videos, animations, design templates, and editing tool

    https://ac-illust.com(For vectors and illustrations)

    https://photo-ac.com(For stock photos)

    https://silhouette-ac.com(For silhouettes)

    https://designac.co (For templates)

    https://video-ac.com/ (For videos)

    https://editor-ac.com (For design templates and editing tool)

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects
    https://ac-data.info (For data transfer)
    https://clipping-ac.com/ (For image background remove) 
    https://compressor-ac.net (For image compression)
    https://photo-ac.com/en/genface (For AI-generated face photos)
    https://ac-artist.com (For art image creation)
    https://ac-beautify.com (For photo enhancement)
    https://scoring-ac.com (For photo evaluation)
    https://fusion-ac.net (For face replacement)
    https://baby-ac.com/ (For future baby's face prediction)
    https://sora-ac.com/ (For photo's sky replacement)
  • ​Now we haven't supported to change the registered premium plan. Please check your selected plan carefully.

  • Subscription

    ​Before cancellation, please be noticed that

    Right after cancellation, your Premium account will immediately return to Free account, no matter how many valid days left up to the due date.
    If you agree, please click this cancel link: https://photo-ac.com/en/premium-cancel and follow the instructions:

    Thank you so much and hope to see you back in the future.

    Thank you for registering Premium Member.
  • ​Please click on the letter Premium at the upper right corner of our website or click here and follow the instructions.

    Please be noticed that our premium subscription will be automatically renewed every period unless a cancellation proceeds before the due date.
    Currently, we haven’t had any reminding service to remind you about the due date yet. To avoid future non-desired payments, you must cancel your premium plan from your profile.

  • Card error before the payment is processed:

    If the error “Your card has been declined” appears when you enter your card details and before the payment is completed, you must contact your bank to make sure that your card is enabled for online payments and international transactions (since ACworks Company is based in Japan).
    In this case, you can retry the payment as soon as the issue with the card is fixed or select another Credit card.

    Declined transaction after completing the payment process:
    Once you complete the payment process, the system takes a few minutes to contact your bank and validate the charge. If there are any issues, the payment is declined and you will receive an email with this information. Please note that ACworks does not reject/decline payments. This comes from your bank, who does not accept the charge.

    When this happens, the system will automatically attempt to charge five more times within 3 weeks. Since this is an automated process, it will not be possible to retry the payment manually. At this stage, we suggest contacting your bank to fix the issue and ask them to accept the charge.

    If all the attempts fail, the subscription request will be automatically canceled, your premium account will return to a free account. If you want to subscribe to a premium plan again, you will have to buy a new premium plan.

  • ​If you would like to change the recipient of the invoice, please contact us via our Customer Support email address info@acworks.co.jp

  • Payment & Billing

    - Log in with your premium account

    - Click to your profile
    - Click to your profile
    - Find My Subscription button
    - Find My Subscription button

    - Change your Credit Card information and save changes

  • Currently, we ONLY accept Credit Cards.

    Only in China, besides Credit Cards, we accept two more other payment methods: Alipay and Wechat.

  • FreebieAC Mail Magazine is an email distributed to your registered email on a daily basis, enclosed with recommended materials on a specific theme that we assume you might have an interest in.

    To download the materials, please click on the image that contains the URL linking to our Freebie site; on our Freebie site, please click on the Download button.

    You can directly access our

    Freebie siteif you would like to download any materials that you have forgotten downloading in the past.

    Please be noticed that you can only download once a day.